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Achieve the beautiful green grass you’ve always envisioned.

Every yard is unique. There are many variables to consider including soil type, moisture levels, sun exposure, pet usage, your lifestyle and much more. That’s why at LawnGuard, our local certified technicians take the time to get to know you and your yard before developing a custom plan. Whether you need simple solutions for weed problems such as dandelions, clover and crabgrass, or a large-scale soil amendment, we have the knowledge and capable hands to get it done. Our professionals—combined with the highest quality products on the market—can help you achieve the best yard on the block!

Why Invest in Lawn Care?

Easy Maintenance

Our services make your job easier! Enjoy regular mowing, trimming and watering your lawn without the worry of inspecting, weeding or treating damage.


Healthy lawns help the environment by producing oxygen, cooling the air during hot weather and absorbing urban dust or pollution.

Natural Beauty

Simply enjoy the view! Relax and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with beautiful, lush green grass that the entire family can enjoy.

Year-Round Lawn Care Program

Our signature lawn care program consists of six applications from early spring to fall. We conduct insect and disease evaluations continuously throughout the seasons.


Early Spring

Apply granular fertilizer to prevent crabgrass before it germinates and provide lawn green-up without excessive growth.


Late Spring

Apply liquid broadleaf weed control and slow-release granular fertilizer.


Early Summer

Apply organic-based granular fertilizer to maintain color and vigor without promoting excess growth. Plus, target and control weeds.



Continue organic-based granular fertilizer to maintain color and vigor without promoting excess growth. Plus, target and control weeds.


Late Summer

Apply slow-release fertilizer and liquid broadleaf herbicide to control weed growth.



Apply a granular fertilizer to prepare your lawn for winter, and give it a fresh look following spring.

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Add-on Lawn Care Services

fertilizer spreader throwing fertilizer granules across grass


Provide your lawn with extra nutrients to produce strong roots and grasses. A well-fertilized lawn is healthier, greener and prevents weed infestation, disease and drought.

a hand folding a handful of soil

Soil Amendment

Increase your yard’s ability to hold and absorb nutrients while relieving soil compaction and rebalancing soil contents. This service is great for all lawns, especially dog urine or salt damage!

a hand holding a handful of grass seed over a nice green lawn


Replenish bare or thin spots in your lawn by planting more grass into your existing turf. It’s a simple option to improve density and enhance the color of your lawn.

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